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Raja Bhaiya [2003]

Raja Bhaiya [2003] Narjis Movies

Summary:Inspired from Sadma in comical way


Passable Fare

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Saved from committing suicide under a train, a girl with amnesia is taken care of by Raja Bhaiya (Govinda) and his mom. As she cannot remember her name, they name her Radha. The girl suffers from mental instability, and is unable to live the life of a mature girl. Raja’s mom thinks that she will make a suitable wife for her son. Raja has taken on a life of celibacy and refuses to marry anyone. When Radha saves Raja’s mom’s life during a fire, and Raja is indebted to her, and decides to marry her, and the marriage takes place. Radha’s relatives are looking all over for her, and they eventually find her, and bring her back home. She undergoes treatment, and resumes her earlier life, and has no recollection of Raja nor her marriage to him. When Raja goes to ask her to come with him, she turns him down. Will Raja return back to his celibacy days? Or will he find someone else to marry?

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