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Murder (2004)

Murder (2004) Shree International

Summary:Tragedy looms when an unhappily married woman renews a steamy affair with a former lover from college.


Erotic Thriller

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Murder released on 2 April 2004 and, despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, managed to become a highly successful venture at the box office, earning the super hit status. Today, it has become a film series spawning over two sequels, Murder 2 in 2011 and Murder 3 in 2013. The film established Emraan Hashmi as a Star.

Living in Bangkok with her husband Sudhir and the child from his first marriage to her sister, Simran feels isolated in a foreign land and ignored by her husband. A chance meeting with an old flame leads to a renewed and passionate affair until she starts to realise how badly she could be damaging her marriage. Sudhir has indeed become suspicious and hired a private detective who gives him compelling evidence of his wife’s deceit. Sudhir sets out to confront his rival.

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