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Mera Saaya (1966)

Mera Saaya (1966) Rajshri

Summary:A lawyer's wife dies in his arms. Yet, another woman - identical in appearance claims to be the lawyer's wife.


Musical Suspense

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Lawyer Rakesh Singh is devastated when his wife, Geeta, passes away after a brief illness. After the funeral Rakesh can think of nothing but her, and this leads him to depression. To confound this, Inspector Daljit informs him that a thug named Sunaina, who has been recently apprehended by the police alongwith members of her gang, claims that she is Geeta, Rakesh is astounded at this and goes to meet this woman, who does indeed resemble his wife. Rakesh, however, does not believe that she is his wife, as he himself had cremated her with his own hands. But this woman is adamant, the matter goes to court, which must find out whether this woman is really Geeta or an imposter, before trying her for her crimes.

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