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Khamosh (1985)

Khamosh (1985) Goldmines Telefilms

Summary:Thriller about mysterious murders that take place on a film location. Which of the crew is guilty?



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hopra busts out the noir rulebook: sharp angles, hand-held cinematography, color filters and dark rainy nights are just some of the aesthetic choices on prominent display. It does work lending “Khamosh” a gritty feel.

A film crew is shooting a murder mystery in a sleepy town; the story of their film involves the mystery surrounding a murdered woman. The story of our film “Khamosh” kicks off when the actress playing the character supposed to be murdered in the movie within this movie (get it?) is actually murdered herself! Since this is supposed to be noir, a shrewd Marlowe-type detective (Naseerudin Shah) quickly arrives on the scene to dig deeper. Shah plays his character with quiet intensity; it’s an understated performance, and a welcome change from all the barking dialogue flying about from the other characters. Before the actress’ murder, Chopra had immediately set up the suspects by implicating everyone in the crew: every one of them had a beef with the dead girl.

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