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Katha (1983)

Katha (1983) Narjis Movies

Summary:A middle-class Clerk living in a chawl in Bombay is secretly in love with his neighbour.


Hare & Tortoise

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The film is loosely based on the classical Indian folktale of the hare and the tortoise, providing a modern interpretation of the same. Even though the good (tortoise) may win in the end, is it worth the wait?

The film is about the daily lives of people living in a Mumbai chawl.
The tortoise — Rajaram P. Joshi (Naseeruddin Shah) — is a middle-class clerk living in a chawl (middle-class apartment complex) in Bombay. He is secretly in love with his neighbor, Sandhya Sabnis (Deepti Naval) but is unable to disclose his love for her, mainly due to his timidity. One day Rajaram’s fast-tallking friend Bashudev (Farooq Shaikh) — the hare — comes for a visit and makes himself at home. Bashudev starts wooing Sandhya, Rajaram’s boss’s wife Anuradha (Mallika Sarabhai) and daughter Jojo (Winnie Paranjape) at the same time.

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