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Kala Bazaar (1989)

Kala Bazaar (1989) Goldmines Telefilms

Summary:A municipal employee relies on bribery to build a successful life.


Black Market

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In modern secular India corruption, nepotism, caste, and favoritism has taken root all the way from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, sparing no one in it’s wake. Bombay Municipal Corporation’s employee Kimtilal is one such person who had to pay a bribe to a gynecologist so that his wife, Shanti, can give premature birth to their son, Kamal. When Kamal grew up, Kimtilal had to pay another bribe in the form of a donation to a school for admitting him. Then he had to pay another bribe so that his son could successfully pass his college examination, and go on to join the Bombay Police Force.

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