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Ittefaq (1969)

Ittefaq (1969) Venus

Summary:A painter who strangles his wife to death after she stops him during his work is sent to a psychiatric institute.


Signpost to Murder

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Dilip Roy is a Painter by profession and makes his living selling his paintings. He gets married to beautiful Sushma, who would like him to spend more with her than on paintings. When they get invited to their anniversary party, Sushma is all set, but Dilip must complete his painting, Sushma is displeased and snatches his paint brushes from his, an argument ensues, and Dilip grabs Sushma by the neck and chokes her to death. Sushma’s sister, who witnesses this, calls the police, who arrive and arrest Dilip for murder. Dilip is produced before the courts, where he is sent for psychiatric evaluation to the care of Dr. Trivedi. However, Dilip escapes from this institute and breaks into a house with a lone married woman, Rekha, in it. Dilip decides to hold up here for sometime.

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