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Guru (1989)

Guru (1989) Goldmines Telefilms

Summary:Typical 80s Action Thriller


Mithuda's Melodrama

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Umesh Mehra’s Guru is a nice action film. It is interesting, well-made, at times funny, at times moving. It is not an extraordinary film, but wholly entertaining. Mithun Chakraborty’s ambition is to become an upright Police officer, but unluckily he is not getting selected. His sole strength is his lady love Sridevi. As Mithun’s ambition fails, he turns to alcohol and dacoity and thugism. He finally joins Amrit Pal’s lethal gang to take revenge on Police force, which blocked his ambition. Sridevi (in a double role), is Shakti Kapoor’s important gang member. One day, Shakti Kapoor gets the confidential message about an under cover cop in his Gang. Who is the undercover agent? forms the Climax.

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