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Garam Masala (2005)

Garam Masala (2005) Venus

Summary:How to fool around with three girl friends without letting one know about other.



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The movie is remake of Priyadarshan’s own Malayalam movie Boeing Boeing. Akshay Kumar received the Best Actor in a Comic Role award for his performance at the Filmfare Awards. Garam Masala grossed 470 million in its full theatrical run and was declared super hit.

Shyam and Makarand work as photographers in a commercial advertising agency. Both of them like to fool around with women, even though Makarand is engaged to be married to a doctor named Anjali. In order to outsmart each other, they two get into a competition of shooting a photograph, and Sam wins it, goes on a trip to the United States of America. Upon his return, he finds that Makarand is living a very enviable lifestyle with three of the most beautiful girls, who also work as air-hostesses. Sam meets them all, and finds out that the trio are unaware of each other, falls in love with Pooja; and begins several moves to upset Makarand lifestyle, and possibly get promoted as a Supervisor.

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