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Faraar [1975]

Faraar [1975] Sa Re Ga Ma Movies

Summary:On the run from police after avenging his sister's murder, a fugitive takes a hostage who turns out to be the son of his former lover.



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The film is based around a middle-class man, Rajesh (Bachchan) living with his sister. He is in love with a young woman, and he intends to marry her once he has found a potential husband to take care of his sister. However, one day the sister is raped and murdered and the police are unable to find any clues and it is left to Rajesh to find the murderers and avenge her death. He traces the murderer and kills him, and is therefore now on the run from the police himself. Rajesh abducts a child as a hostage and seeks refuge in a house only to later learn that the child is the son of his former lover, who is now married to a Police Inspector. Rajesh is torn in two – whether to release the child, or to use him to make an escape. …..

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