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Dil Hi To Hai [1963]

Dil Hi To Hai [1963] Rajshri

Summary:template for most bollywood movies of 80s


Joy ride

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In a mansion, filled with guests and decorated for a wedding, two men struggle over the possession of a revolver. A shot rings out and to the horror of the assembled throng, a lady falls, dying. She is the mother of one of the protagonists and her deathbed confession is the key that unravels the complicated events that led up to this tragic climax – a tale that involves switched identities, multiple disguises, an arranged marriage, attempted murder, heartless cruelty, rapacious greed and (for good measure) a dancing girl whose mother (were she around) would have good reason to suspect her condition. After three of her four children pass away, wealthy Nawab Jallaudin and his wife decide to leave the 4th, Yusuf, with their relatives, Sabra and Farida, who also have their very own son, Sheku. After 3 years, they want Yusuf to be brought back, but wily Farida decides to abandon Yusuf at the railway station and pass off Sheku as him. She does pull wool successfully over the Nawab and Sheku is accepted, while Yusuf ends up with an impoverished Hindu Aaya, who ironically, loses her job with the Nawab himself, after deciding to adopt Yusuf. Years later, Yusuf has grown up, sings on All India Radio as ‘Chand’, meets and falls in love with wealthy widower Khan Bahadur’s daughter, Jamila Banu – unknowingly setting forth a chain of events – some hilarious, some tragic, but mostly that result in his humiliation.

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