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Dasvidaniya (2008)

Dasvidaniya (2008) Shree International

Summary:Amar makes a list of 10 things to do before he dies.


The Bucket List

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37-year old Mumbai-based Amar Kaul lives a middle-classed lifestyle with his deaf and widowed mother, and is employed as an Accounts Manager with Suraj Pharmaceuticals. His boss, Dasgupta, who is always snacking, abuses him, and often makes him not only work late but also asks him to finish work at home. After going through a medical check-up for an upset stomach, he is told that he has third stage cancer and has only a few months to live. He then sets about to prepare a 10-item ‘to do’ list which include buying a car; visiting his friend, Dr. Rajiv Jhukla, in Russia; taking guitar lessons; confessing his true feelings to Neha Banot; as well a plan for getting back at Dasgupta. He does not know the shock and trauma that await him when he sets about to complete this final task – and the impact this news will have on his mother.

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