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Baaghi (1990)

Baaghi (1990) UniSys Music

Summary:A saga of love as Sajan turns a rebel and goes against his family and society to protect his love Kajal from the evil Dhanraj.


A rebel for Love

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Saajan is a college youth, enjoying his life, meets with Kajal the girl of his dreams at a brothel. Kajal is an innocent victim of Dhanraj, who runs this brothel. Saajan eventually falls in love with Kajal, but this love affair is not acceptable to the society, which includes his parents Mr. and Mrs. Sood. Saajan’s dad Col. Sood wants his son to join the Indian army. On the other side, this relationship of love is also not acceptable to Dhanraj, since he doesn’t want any of his brothel girls to go into normal respectable society.

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