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An Evening in Paris (1967)

An Evening in Paris (1967) Rajshri

Summary:A wealthy woman (Sharmila Tagore) meets a charming but not completely truthful beau (Shammi Kapoor) in France.


Romance Thriller

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In romantic Paris, two Parisians of Indian origin are in love namely Shyam or Sam and Roopa. Mystery and intrigue surround this romance, as Roopa is abducted and held by criminal mastermind Jack and his minions, who will trade her for a hefty ransom. Roopa has a look-alike in the shape and form of Suzy, who is sent in place of Roopa to ensure that the money is received, while the real Roopa is still being held captive. Sam must use all the resources available to in order to set Roopa free, but he will have a difficult time to differentiate between Suzy and Roopa.

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