When Shammi Kapoor Abused Feroz Khan

The original ‘Yahoo’ star, the Elvis of Bollywood, know for his style and elegance was once made fun for obesity and personality. After 70s, Shammi Kapoor started playing character roles and started caring less about his health. Regular drinking and eating whatever he liked without any form of exercise turned him into obese guy. In order to make his outlook better he even started keeping long beard, but it just made him much more older than he actually was.
This is an incident that occurred during interaction with Feroz Khan, another stylish star of those days. When Feroz Khan saw Shammi Kapoor’s personality, he was shocked and he jokingly told him Shammi can now easily play his father’s role in his next movie Dharmatma. Shammi was angered by such remarks, as he was still playing lead roles in many movies till then. Later Feroz Khan apologized to Shammi Kapoor.

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