How Manmohan Desai Created The Magical Sai Baba Scene In Amar Akbar Anthony

One of the most cliche scene of the movie Amar Akbar Anthony was Nirupa Roy, the blind mother of three children getting her eight sight back with the power of the God. Manmohan Desai was the dream merchant he could sell anything with conviction, however far fetched might be the idea or how much illogical might it sound but he could sell it to his audience. Same thing happened in this movie too. No one questioned about that and many other funny scenes like three sons giving blood directly to the injured mother that too against the gravitational force.
Then there is scene before climax where all three brothers goes in disguise to villains den and sing a song shouting out their names. What was the purpose of disguise ?

Here is look into that scene which was created before the age of today’s VFX and computer graphics.

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