Resul Pookutty: “It’s FOOLISH to say that ONE LANGUAGE should DEFINE US” | A. R. Rahman | Oscar


Watch the Academy Award Winner #ResulPookutty in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama’s Faridoon Shahryar at #ElGounaFilmFestival2019. He is one of the jury members at the panel. He talks about his Oscar’s speech. He says that in India, music is a life-changing thing. He also says that an artist in our country is looked at as next to god. He also talks about his movie 2.0 & says that through 2.0 they gave a new format of sound to the World film industry. He also talks about his bond & relationship with A. R. Rahman. He also talks about Kerala Floods. He shares his genuine ideas & views about religion. He says that, humanity is his religion. Lastly, he says that his next phase of his creative life is writing & directing. He wants to direct because he has stories which he wants to tell to the people & that’s why he came into cinema. Watch this engrossing video to know more. Don’t miss.

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