Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of AndhaDhun | Sriram Raghavan | Ayushmann Khurrana | Tabu


Sriram Raghavan is Hindi cinema’s thriller master. His films are filled with dark and dirty people – criminals and gamblers, murderers and conmen. His films are also filled with references to older Hindi films. But in Andhadhun, Sriram takes the homage further. Anil Dhawan, star of 70s pulp classics like Chetna and Darwaza, plays a version of himself – a yesteryear star who spends too much time revisiting his past glory.

Andhadhun is inspired by a French short film called The Piano Tuner. Inspiration might also have come from ‘Raabta’ in Sriram’s Agent Vinod.

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