Guftagoo with Ranjit Gazmer


Ranjit Gazmer, a well known music composer and musician of Nepali language Kollywood and Hindi language Bollywood films. Ranjit Gazmer popularly known as ‘Kancha’, the name which is given by RD Burman. He is one of the sitting member of RD Burman.

Ranjit Gazmer, under RD Burman, played Maadal in several Hindi film songs such as Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Sholay, Ijaazat, Chitchor, Ghar, 1942 A love story and many more. In 1982, Ranjit arranged for Asha Bhosle to sing her first Nepali film song. Since then he has composed music for several Nepali films such as Samjhana, Kusume Rumal, Lahure, Saino, and Darpan Chaya. He is based in Mumbai and records songs in the studios there.


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